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Because most molds are shipped by sea, factors such as high temperature, moisture, and rust can affect them. We pack our shipments with this in mind to insure our molds arrive in the best possible condition at the customer’s door. Realhao always conducts a final inspection before shipment.. And when the shipment arrives we request our customers conduct the the following checks.

Request 1: Checking and Counting
Open the package and put all of the component parts on a table. Check the quantity first especially the spare parts to make sure everything is there. Check to see if anything got damaged during the mold test or shipment. Check to see that all the mold components are in good condition and ready for production.

Request 2: Cleaning
All the dismantled mold components must be cleaned with a cleaning/anti-rust agent and/or lubricating agent. If there is rust on the mold base or components, it must be polished off by hand or with a fine grinding machine.

Request 3: Assembling
All the dismantled and cleaned mold components must be assembled according the mold instructional drawings. One must be very careful during assembling to avoid damaging the mold components. Mold makers must comply with the following rule when assembling mold components.
1: All the mold components are marked with a number and must be assembled accordingly especially the same size components.
Tightness: Mold components such as cavities, cores, sliders, ejector pines, lifters, and sprue sleeves must be fitted together carefully. The fit MUST NOT be too tight or too loose. If it seems too tight DO NOT FORCE IT! It will be damaged if you strike it heavily and will cause flash if the fit is too loose.
Smoothness: Ejector pins, sliders, lifters must run very smoothly or they will be burned or even broken.
Fitting Allowance: Some mold components have fitting allowances such as with the length of the ejector pins, diameter of water rings, height of support pins, length of water connectors.

Before being packed, we may have painted some mold components with anti-rust agents or other agents according to customers requests. Realhao follows certain rules for mold painting and treatment according to the different shipping shipping methods used. For example, molds shipped by air only need 6-10 days shipping time to most countries. These molds only needed to be painted with anti-rust agents in the cavities and core surfaces. Customers need to check and clean surfaces of mold cavities and cores before putting the molds into production.
Molds shipped by sea can take 1 month or more from Realhao to a customer’s factory. These molds have to be heavily protected with strong anti-rust agents. Usually these molds are painted with 8407 or machine oil. These molds are often shipped in vacuum packages. Customers must clean these molds thoroughly before use in production.
All exported molds up to 5 tons are put into non-solid cases. Over weight molds will be packaged in solid wooden cases or non-solid wooden cases with a steel frame.
Molds remaining in China are kept painted or heavily oiled and must be checked every month when not in production.