Plastic injection Molds. Plastic injection molding. Rapid prototype.

Realhao Industrial was founded at the beginning of the 21st century. We specialize in making plastic molds, rapid prototypes, mold components, and molding parts. We have over 160 highly trained employees and are growing.
Realhao Industrial equals or exceeds European mold standards, American mold standards and Asian mold standards. The main plastic mold standards for exported molds are HASCO, DME, FUTABA. For mold components, Realhao Industrial insists on interchangeability, simple design, easy assembly and installation. Our goal is reliable operation and stable performance. We make every effort to design and manufacture high quality plastic injection molds at competitive prices.
In order to help customers test their products and save cost on developing products, Realhao Industrial can make rapid prototypes of your new products. Our main CNC prototypes use plastic, aluminum, steel or brass for automotive, home appliance, and electronic products. Tolerance can reach 0.01mm. and lead time can be as little as 3-5days.
Realhao has been a leader in the business for over 10 years. Our plastic molds and our rapid prototype mold components are used around the world. Our customer base includes the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, UK, Germany, Sweden.