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We at Realhao cannot overestimate the importance of Material quality. Supplier selection and material inspection is very important. If there is a problem with any material then all our processing work is wasted. Realhao Industrial always places choosing suppliers and material inspection at the forefront of our strict control policy.
Realhao uses state of the art advanced inspection equipment such as calipers, steel hardness inspect equipment (Rockwell hardness tester), Metallographic analyzers, etc. All material must pass rigorous inspection standards before entering our warehouse and production rooms. If there is a problem we insist defective material is returned to the supplier and new material supplied within an indicated date.
Realhao’s main suppliers are LKM mold base, PECO mold base, Desheng Mold Components, Yudo, Moldmasters, Inco, HRS, and Synventive hot runner systems.
We cannot stress enough that all material components must pass our rigorous inspection processes.