Plastic injection Molds. Plastic injection molding. Rapid prototype.

We,a plastic molds maker in china, Realhao Industrial is specialized in making automotive molds, home appliance molds, office quipment molds, toolbox molds and electronic products molds for over 10 years. Realhao Industrial-plastic molding company, is current with all aspects of HASCO, DME, FUTABA, LKM standard mold components and mold bases. We are in a unique position to help our customers make high quality plastic injection molds. In order to serve our customers well, Realhao Industrial adopts CAD, UG, PROE, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA mold design software to view or transfer parts or mold drawings. Customer can also design plastic parts with local software.

In order to help customers test their products and reduce the cost of developing products, Realhao Industrial can make rapid prototypes of your new products. The main CNC prototypes are plastic prototypes, aluminum prototypes, steel or brass prototypes for automotive, home appliance, electronic products etc. Tolerance can reach 0.01mm and lead time can be as little as 3 -5days.

We often use Bakelite products for people who wish to insure security with new products. Realhao Industrial has offered Bakelite injection mold making since 2008. The main Bakelite molds we make are for automotive water pumps, pump covers, light covers, switches and home appliances.

All of us at team Realhao are dedicated to producing the best products delivered with top quality customer service. Listed below are some of the many advantages of doing business with Realhao.

-> High quality molds, rapid prototype, molding parts.custom plastic molding,
-> High precision and small molds, molding parts, precision plastic injection molding.
-> On time delivery for injection molding in China.
-> Advanced equipment and management for plastic molds making in china
-> Competitive price to help customer save cost on custom plastic molding.
-> Quick response and Dedicated Staff to Serve Your cost on precision plastic injection molding..
-> Excellent communication