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Injection Molding, is the process of injecting plastic material into an aluminum mold or steel mold to form the needed part.Plastic injection molding is a great process for low and high volume manufacturing. It is widely used in the medical, automotive, industrial, construction and consumer product industries. Some advantages of injection molding are high production rates, repeatable high tolerances, the ability to use a wide range of materials, low labor cost, minimal scrap losses, and little need to finish parts after molding. Some disadvantages of this process are expensive equipment investment, potentially high running costs, and the need to design moldable parts.

Realhao Industrial Co., Ltd is injection molding factory offering plastic injection molding service with two shots injection molding and high volume injection molding. it not only designs but also makes plastic molds for customers but also can makeinjection molding parts for them. PP, ABS, PA, TPU, POM, PMMA, PC are normal materials used in our company. You are welcome to send us Realhao. We not only accept bulk order for injection plastic molding but also accept small scale production such as 500, 1000, 3000, 5000 shots for your trial order with small injection molding machine and big one. We will send quotation for molded parts with best service to in shortest time.

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