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Realhao Industrial not only makes completed plastic injection molds and bakelite injection molds but can also make mold components according to our customer’s finished mold drawings or part designs. This can help customers save manufacturing costs and shorten lead time. Consider the following situation where a customer needs mold components but NOT completed molds.
1.The customer has made similar molds in the past. The new parts he needs are only slightly different from the old parts. We simply need to change the cavities or/and cores. We can use the old mold base to make the new molds. In this case, the customer spends 1/3 the cost of making a new mold. Lead time is less as well - just 1 or 2 weeks while making a new mold.could take 1 or 2 months.
2. The customer owns a mold shop. But his orders exceed his manufacturing capability or possibly the local manufacturing cost is too high. The customer can choose to have us make the mold components in China and ship it back by air. The mold components are not as heavy as completed molds and therefore shipping costs are low.
Some advantages of Realhao molds -.
1. Material certificates will be supplied.
2.Real Hao uses advanced manufacturing and high precision inspection equipment. We can make mold components of high tolerance from a customer’s drawings.
3. High manufacturing capability, on time delivery.
4. High quality, competitive cost.

Some mold components made in Realhao: Cavities, Cores, Sliders, Lifters, Ware Plates,
Cavities & Cores Samples

Mold Components Samples